Rabbit Hunt (trade paperback)

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Rabbit Hunt (trade paperback)

Six college kids go into the woods to drop acid, eat mushrooms, smoke weed, commune with nature, and have sex. But they aren’t alone. There are others who have come to fill the woods with screams and vent their homicidal anger and perverse desires on whomever they find.

Mooky, Rashad, Steve, and Big Mike haven’t gone hunting together since their college days. Marriage, kids, and careers have kept them busy and left little time for hanging out with the boys. But that all changes this weekend. For the first time in years, the boys are going on a little rabbit hunt, and the woods will echo with screams.

Taking the “redneck psychopaths in the woods” trope and turning it on its head, the heavyweight of hardcore horror brings you a tale of extreme violence as only he can deliver it.